11 Motivational Wall Art Ideas for the Office

An undecorated office looks like a bland place. When you spend ample for the decoration and furniture in the office then you must decorate your walls with some Motivational Wall art for Office. It is a good idea to decorate your walls with some inspirational and motivational artwork to attract customers and motivate your employees. Whether you select emotional themes or any other wall art design to convey the messages or simply decorate your walls with plenty of Inspirational artwork for Office, these would work great for your employees and visitors.

Below we have a collection of some Motivational Wall art for Office and all the pieces are marvelous and perfect for your office. They are outstanding designs so have a look at them. 

Outstanding and Stunning Motivational Office Wall art Ideas 

1. The Inspirational Quote Office Art

If you are looking for some Inspirational artwork for Office, then you have landed at the right place. We are introducing four sets of prints. They are amazing and simple and bring brightness and hygiene to your office walls. This wall art does not come with frames, however, they are based on any frame colour you like. 

Key Features

  • Reasonable office wall art
  • Wetness-proof, first-rate canvas
  • Four pieces of motivational quotes in black on a white canvas.


  • Accessible in 8×10″ or 12×16″ sizes
  • Brand: HPNIUB
  • Model: Motivational Quote Wall Art for the Office

2. Minimalist San Francisco Skyline Office Art 

This wall art is available in all the cities like Sydney, Rome, New York, Toronto, Paris and Chicago. Whether you are placing this wall art for an office or recommend it for house use, its bright colors can light up your walls. Just hang this wall art on the light-coloured walls, it would look great. 

Key Features

  • Passageway-enveloped canvas print
  • Artist-grade canvas and archival links would confirm the UV protection of fading over years. 
  • The unique collection is accessible to seven world-famous cities


  • Sizes: 24″ x 16″
  • Brand: Canvas on Request
  • Model: The Minimalist San Francisco Skyline Office Art 

3. The Green Leaf Wall Art

You must bring a little green and white office corner with this Inspirational Wall art for Office. It is clean and its colours are waterproof and prominent. Such UV-resistant motivational canvases are stunning and perfect for any working place. If you have a lot of employees in your office they would surely like the nature of this wall art. 

Key Features

  • Traditional of 3 panels
  • First-rate canvas
  • UV resilient ink


  • Sizes: 12″ x 16″
  • Brand: My Home Station
  • Model: The Green Leaf Wall Art

4. Minimalist Fargo Graphic Art Print

This graphic art is made of 100% cotton artist-grade canvas and is professionally designed. It is hand-strained and it is designed over pine wood bars in a gallery wrapping style. Such Motivational Wall art for Office is of super-high quality and can gather many praises.

Key Features

  • Fade away-resilient archival inks
  • Gallery-enveloped canvas art
  • Includes free-hanging fixtures
  • Handmade and examined in the USA
  • Used cotton canvas 


  • Sizes: Accessible in 8 sizes, from as small as 12″ x 8″ to 60″ x 40″
  • Brand: East Urban Home
  • Model: Minimalist Fargo Graphic Art Print on Canvas

5. Large Inspirational Wall Art 

This Office Inspiration Wall art is available in many sizes. It has black and white frames of canvas art prints. Such wall art is all about giving your office a stunning look. This is the perfect wall art and it can catch everyone’s attention very easily.

Key Features
  • Flawless inspirational wall decor for office
  • 3 wall panels
  • Prepared to hang
  • Overextended canvas


  • Sizes: Available in four sizes from 12″ x 16″ up to 24″ x 36″
  • Brand: Urttiiy
  • Model: Large Inspirational Wall Art 

6. The Minimalist Sunset III Art Print

Such Office Wall Décor Motivational recalls the persons about the rising of the sun. It’s made of 100 % cotton archival paper and makes a fine addition to the office. 

Key Features

  • Modest, colourful, standard
  • Convention trimmed with a border for framing


  • Sizes: Available in five sizes, from 8″ x 8″ up to 28″ x 28″
  • Brand: Fresh Tropical
  • Model: Minimalist Sunset III Art Print

 7. The Ugmonk – Sluggish & Steady

It is such a gorgeous metallic gold ink wall art that is inspirational and has a real standout feature. It would look great on your office walls. 

Key Features

  • Metallic gold ink Shade printed
  • Tradition-embossed with Ugmonk logo
  • Made in the USA


  • Sizes: 18″ x 24″
  • Brand: Ugmonk
  • Model: Sluggish & Steady

8. The Rome Framed Vintage Advertisement Print

This Motivational Wall art for Office brings a more bright vision for decoration. This can be used widely for many glamorous cities around the world. It would be a great choice for your office as it would create a soothing effect. 

Key Features

  • Makes you visit Rome
  • A lovely antique advertisement look


  • Sizes: Accessible in three sizes from 11″ x 9″ up to 25″ x 19″
  • Brand: East Urban Home
  • Model: The Rome Framed Vintage Advertisement

9. The Mkono Hanging Square Floating Shelves

Such Office Wall Decor Motivational is different for everyone. It is not the typically framed art print or not a normal canvas work but it is a more 3-dimensional type of office art that allows one to participate in the creation of art. Such wall arts leave a real impact on your ideal place. This is a hanging design and it is a set of three different-sized shelves. It is made of natural Paulownia wood and Jute rope which is why it is sturdy. 

Key Features

  • Wall-hanging scheme
  • Conventional of three different-sized shelves
  • Prepared natural Paulownia Wood and Jute rope
  • Comes with ceiling hooks and extension tubes


  • Sizes: Three sizes: 8″ x 8″, 10″ x 10″, 12″ x 12″
  • Brand: Mkono
  • Model: The Hanging Square Floating Shelves

 10. The Opposite Wall art 

Slope designs are not only on your desktop or iPhone only but now it is present in smooth color and amazing patterns for your office too. So, why not start with these marvellous prints that you can design optionally

Key Features

  • Made on first-rate 200 GSM matte, acid-free paper
  • Accessible in six sizes
  • Elective wood or metal frames
  • Prepared and printed in Canada


  • Sizes: Numerous sizes from as small as 5″ x 7″ up to 24″ x 36″
  • Brand: The Opposite Wall
  • Model: The Cayenne, Poster

11. The Lego Man Patent 1979 Graphic Print Art

This Motivational Office Wall art is based on many leasing patterns that are smooth and they blend. You can start decorating your walls with these elegant artworks. This is the coolest trend we have ever encountered. You can see that patent drawings are generally available to the public and they are very common. Hence, many printmakers have designed such artwork greatly and thus created a new office look for all offices. This includes Inspirational Wall art for Office

Key Features

  • Many different copyrights are accessible
  • Edged
  • Clear acrylic facing is included to defend the print


  • Sizes: Available in two sizes: 14″ x 11″ and 20″ x 16″
  • Brand: The Trademark Fine Art
  • Model: The Lego Man Patent 1979 Black Framed Graphic Art Print


What art should I put in my office?

Motivational Wall art is the best one for your office as this artwork not only gives colors to your office but do energize yourself also. These motivational quotes and attractive designs on such artwork are positive and creative.


How do you build a motivation wall?

You must find free walls or any other free space in your office and then write some of your specific goals of yours. Visualize the images and motivational pictures for the wall. Update them regularly and print some quotes for that wall. 


How do you create a motivational poster?

Find inspirational quotes and design them according to your requirements. Edit your postural background and add text to it. Save your motivational poster and then print it and display it. 


How do you write a motivational poster?

To write the quotes of the motivational posters you must open Canva and then launch it. Search for Quotes Posters and start designing the best projects. Do the customization of your quote posters and enjoy a wide range of features. 


Why are inspirational posters important?

Inspirational posters invoke the emotions of the employees in the offices and they do more hard work. They increase the productivity level. Moreover, boost the energy of a layman and is also good for job seekers. 


What is the purpose of motivational posters?

Motivational posters intend to attract more people and achieve more to create unique things. They also help in learning and doing motivational tasks. 


Motivational Wall art for Office plays a major role in invoking the inner sentiments of employees. Such wall arts create awareness and compel the employees to work harder and never give up. When we talk about the ideas of these motivational artworks they are many and all are useful. However, it depends on the company’s perspective and goals which prints of wall art the owner will choose.