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6 Pillar Of Every Successful Entrepreneur

Dream Big, Big Dream 
I'm sure you've heard of the phrase dream big, big dream. With all the obstacles that life
offers, dreaming big has always been the best means of comfort. 
To some people, they prefer to refer to "their ambitions" as goals, not dreams. Dreams are
often said to be unrealistic or a mirage. 
Well, regardless of whether you refer to your ambitions as dreams or goals. In the end, the
aim is to achieve, conquer and overcome.
So here are the six pillars of every successful entrepreneur.



This is the pillar everyone is used to. It is the most controllable pillar in your journey of
You determine how much effort you put into achieving your goals/dreams. If you want to be
wealthy, you must be ready to hustle. 
Bunch of sleepless nights, numerous moments where giving up seems like the only solution
that makes sense. But it would help if you were determined to keep pushing.
Do things 99% of people won't be that person that does more than the average person.



It's never enough to have dreams/goals. It would help if you executed specific plans to
achieve your dreams/goals. 
Execution involves taking action to put a plan in motion and have things happen. 
It's not enough to dream; you must work. You must plan out steps that would help you reach
the stars. Then you must execute every single one of those steps. 
But it's not enough to execute those steps; you must flawlessly execute those steps. And if
you find yourself stuck, don't just move on to the next step. Find solutions to the obstacles
you've encountered so that your time to reap your hard work won't be delayed.



Grinding involves performing repetitive tasks over and over to attain a goal. You've got to do it, again and again, to separate yourself from the crowd. Just because you
get something right once doesn't turn you into an expert. 
If you genuinely want to achieve success, then you must grind.



What is Persistence? 
It is hard work, not just work but legit hard work. The kind that makes your mind ache.
Persistence is rising from failure. There will always be times when you fall, but you must
continue to grow. It doesn't matter how many times you fail, and you have to persist. It is
your persistence despite failure that gives you significant results. 
Persistence is also achieving success through trial and error. Success isn't a day journey,
which is why you must persist despite your errors. Regardless, it's from our mistakes that we
learn the right way. 
Look at it this way; there are thousands of ways to drive sales to businesses. You tried out
one way, but you weren't successful. Guess what? You've learned one method that doesn't
work, so you sure as hell won't be trying it again.

Isn't that growth in itself? 



Perseverance can be seen as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in
achieving success. 
No successful entrepreneur got to where they are today by jumping from one ship to another.
They became successful by being steadfast, loyal, faithful. 
You can not just determine that you want to be successful and not stick to that one thing you
know would bring you success if you keep moving from one activity to another like the wind.
Well, your victory will be like the wind, invisible.



Success is not an accident or a chance; it's hard work, patience, learning, and sacrifice. 
It involves hustling, grinding, persisting, persevering. So to get to this stage, you must be
ready for loads of obstacles, disappointments, heartaches, and the likes. 
But if you keep pushing despite everything that's been thrown your way. Then you are on
your way to achieving your goals/dreams. A mistake a lot of people make is linking success to wealth. Sure, wealth is a part of what
success entails. It isn't truly a success. You determine success. The choice to be successful is
ultimately yours.
Try not to be too tough on yourself when determining this. Cut yourself a little bit of slack.
Not too much though, you must still hustle, grind, and the rest to be successful.



You've found out the six pillars behind every successful entrepreneur. It is important to
remember to adhere to it. Well, the best way to keep all this information at the back of your
mind is to see it every day. This would help you visualize it and keep it stuck in your head. 
This is why we at Success Hunters build motivational canvases filled with various
motivations. It would give you daily reminders to keep hustling, grinding, and achieving your