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Acrylic Prints vs. Canvas Prints: Which Is Best?

If you are comparing acrylic and canvas print, questions often come up with the topic of Acrylic Print vs Canvas. We must understand the difference between an acrylic print and a canvas print, as it helps you in choosing the best fit for your needs.

Canvas Print vs Acrylic Print leads to the main advantages and disadvantages of both. Both are suitable for specific applications and goals.

Acrylic Print vs Canvas: Difference Between Acrylic Print and Canvas

This is the world of art and photography so paintings are more realistic and far behind the techniques and compositions.

In this guide, we will explore the main differences between a canvas print and an acrylic print. Acrylic Print vs Canvas Print provides an overview of both. We will also compare both of them according to their qualities.

What is an Acrylic Print?

What are Acrylic Prints?”, many times art lovers rise this question. So we have the answer to this simple question.

An Acrylic print is a replica of your image that is displayed behind acrylic glass. We print your image either as a direct print or on a real photo. Its simplicity speaks for itself. The print has no border which lets the photo-real.

Straight Printing: This procedure relates to printing directly to the acrylic sheet. It is like face mounting to specialized acrylic.

Paper Printing: As opposed to straight printing in this method, printing is done on a photo/art print and then to a specialized archival paper before the face mounting of that paper.

In both cases, the final finish looks like the painted images photography and is also vivid, bright, and 3 dimensional.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is an image that is printed from an inkjet printer to canvas and then it is stretched into a frame. For getting the best results, the canvas material is wrapped or stretched out around a frame. The desired image can be printed directly onto the canvas through special inkjet printers.

Qualities of Acrylic Prints

Following are some of the qualities of acrylic prints. We can compare Canvas vs Acrylic Prints, by matching their qualities.

  • Sturdiness

Keeping in mind the Acrylic vs Canvas Print, here acrylic print wins. When UV protectants are sprayed on canvas print, it becomes pale in comparison. The superior protection from UV rays is given by acrylic prints. They provide 99% UV protection and also protect against moisture, dust, and dirt. Acrylic prints are also resistant to scratches, whereas canvas could not bear all these outside factors.

  • Distinctiveness

No doubt, canvas prints can give digitalized fresh art and can give a resemblance to a canvas oil painting. However, the face-mount acrylic prints are more accessible and also formerly attractive when visiting galleries or museums.

Acrylic prints have a space always to stand out. They have gained popularity due to incredible vibrancy and depth. They contain unmatched options that no other prints can give.

  • Attraction

When there is a comparison of Acrylic vs Canvas Print. It depends on your choice. If you are going for a fashionable and sleek look, there is no match for acrylic print. Such prints give an appeal and are similar to Inspirational WallArt. They fit with the new-age styling.

  • Liveliness

Whereas canvas prints are soberer and they are dull in color. But acrylic prints are totally opposite to canvas prints. They give a lively look to the prints. An acrylic print is a display of deep, rich, and vivacious colors. This makes it a wonderful option for getting bright and vivid pieces of color contrast. It brings life to your walls and premises. An example is Motivational WallArt that attracts people a lot.

Qualities of Canvas Prints

There are certain qualities of canvas prints that show that canvas prints are not the least one.

  • Moving and Hanging

When discussing the topic of “Canvas Print vs Acrylic Print”, you must make sure to compare the advantages of both of them.

Although canvas is light in weight and when we move from one place to other, they are very easy to pack and carry. There is no issue with their damage. Large acrylic pieces are quite heavy and sometimes they are awkward to carry. So, we all know that it is very easy to carry canvas prints, however, acrylic prints are very hard to move and carry due to their weight. People use special considerations for their safety and security.

  • Affordability

The price of acrylic is far more expensive than canvas. However, now the price of acrylic print has gone down. Although yet it is more expensive than canvas. The price difference is 50 %. An acrylic print as compared to canvas needs more investment.

  • Brightness

Acrylic is less bright than canvas print. When we do compare Acrylic vs Canvas Print, a canvas print gives more shine than an acrylic print. When you are thinking of a print that is affordable, lightweight, and full of glare, you must choose a canvas print always.


What's the difference between an acrylic print and a canvas?

With the canvas print, you get a shiny look to the painting, while acrylic is a sharp and lively print that is combined with metallic paper.

Which is better canvas or print?

The canvas material is finer and more long-lasting than a typical print.

Do canvas prints look like paintings?

The canvas prints invoke an artistic feel. This is because they are similar to oil painting.

Can you print directly on acrylic?

Yes, you can print directly on acrylic. As it is water-resistant and suitable for displays

Are acrylic prints worth it?

Acrylic is sharp and vivacious, mainly when combined with iron paper. 

What is an acrylic print?

The acrylic print is a replica of your photo behind the acrylic glass. Your image has been printed either as a direct print or on real photo paper.


When we do the comparison of Acrylic Print vs Canvas, we can say that acrylic prints are durable, distinctive, and lively. However, we can also not forget the good qualities of canvas prints. They are lightweight, affordable, and more glare.

Now it all depends on the customers and what is their choice. As for different customers, the choices are diverse, so we leave the rest choices to customers. For sure, Success Hunters Prints is striving hard to getting popularity in the printing field. They offer each and every type of print.