DIY Guide: How to Fix a Ripped Canvas

If you are worried that how a torn canvas print can be repaired and you don't know the ways to repair it. Don't let the tension frustrate you as we have introduced many effective techniques of How to Fix A Ripped Canvas and through these techniques we can help you out in repairing your torn canvas. 

How to Repair a Canvas Painting

In this guide, we will explain to you how to repair Ripped Canvas Painting when it has been ripped. It is easy if you have a few tools with you and you do follow the step-by-step instructions. It does not take so long and you could bring your painting back to life. A Ripped Canvas can be brought to life again and you must not worry about keeping its original look. 

The Secret of How to Patch Canvas

The secret which is hidden in Repairing Canvas is to repair it from the front and not the back. You just have to align the threads in one tear and then paste another piece of fabric on the back to hold it in place. The difficult part is finishing all the work neatly and getting everything to lie fit. Ripped Canvas Art is not very easy to do as it needs more care and precaution. The ripped painting can be Motivational Poster or Inspirational Poster

Tools to Repair the Canvas Painting

In this guide, we will explain the steps of repairing your painting in detail. The example is of canvas with a fairly large tear in it. You just need some tools mentioned below for Canvas Painting Repair.

For repairing a canvas successfully you must have the: 

  • A flat work plate depending on the size of the painting
  • A cut piece of canvas for making a patch
  • Sticking or similar glue gesso
  • A brayed or roller
  • Scissors, a paintbrush for spreading the glue, brushes for touch-up canvas

Canvas Picture Repair - Step by Step Procedure

Cut up a Portion of the Canvas

  • This is the first step inHow to Repair Canvas. Cut the piece which is at least an inch wide and then tear it all around it. You may need to cut the corners to avoid them from lifting. If you have not gotten a piece of canvas, then any piece of light-coloured fabric can do the same job. 
  • Then lay the painting on the floor, but it must e clean. Use an acid-free glue to adhere to the repair fabric. An acrylic gesso or a medium such as matte or gel also works well as glue while doing the Canvas Repair.
  • Apply a thin and even layer of glue to the piece of a patch and place it over the spot of Painting Repai If the tear is underneath the framework bars then you must use a spatula for the repair on the spot. Avoid applying too much glue or it will simply squeeze out the edges and would create a mess. A small piece of cardboard or a credit card would work well for spreading the glue and for Painting Repair.
  • Now turn the canvas over so that it is facing right side up, by placing a book underneath the spot. It must be at the same height as the stretcher bars so that the canvas is supported at the site of the tear. 

Put Loose Threads Into Place

  • Check the placement of the edges of the tear. While the glue is still wet, push any loose threads into place as much as you can. For that purpose, you can use a pair of tweezers, a needle or fine scissors or it can be a toothpick. You can cut it off when the glue has dried out. How toRepair Canvas calls for many minor actions that are essential to take. 
  • Never apply the glue on the front of the canvas. Just put a bit of paper or a card over it, then place another book on top of the repair. Leave the canvas to dry. You can also turn the canvas over so that it could face down and you can put a book on the site of the repair to make it flat unless it dries. 

Paint Your Repaired Canvas

  • Sometimes it happens that the canvas is ready for painting. If the canvas is still blank, you can try to hide the torn part under some extra plaster of paris. Even if the canvas is painted, you can use a small brush to try to add some extra plaster of paris over it to bring the surface up to the original canvas level. But keep in mind that while doing Canvas Glue Repair, you need some extra layers to make the torn part up to the level. 
  • Once you see that the Ripped Paintingis dried out completely, then you must sand it. You can use the same medium as the original painting and then carefully match the colors with the original painting. Load the brush that you have mixed and hold it up close to the painting to see the original colour. 
  • Make sure to also do a matching of the texture of the original painting. If it is a kind of painting having texture on it, you can make advantage of hiding the tear with an impasto texture. You can also do a collage work over it on the spot to hide the scar. 


If the tear is on a very precious painting, then don't take risk of repairing it by yourself. Always hire a curator to make it a refined painting. This involves the entire painting onto a new supporting canvas. 


What materials do I need to fix a ripped canvas?

  • Extra patch of canvas.
  • Acid-free glue
  • Sharp tool like needle (or similar fine tool)
  • Glue brush.
  • Gesso/plaster of paris

How can I patch a hole in a canvas?

  1. Use a fine glue for tent hole repair.
  2. Use tape backing to repair larger tears.
  3. Adjust a tear with tape.
  4. Use a tape to repair Mosquito Netting.
  5. Then paint the canvas to make it invisible and the paint of the patch must match the texture of other painting.

How can I fix a tear in a canvas?

Lay the painting face-down on a plain surface. Use an acid-free glue  to stick the repair fabric. A primer such as acrylic glue or a medium such as mixture or gel medium also works well as glue. Utilize a thin, even layer of glue or medium to the patch and place it over the tear.

Can a ripped canvas be fixed without leaving a visible repair?

Yes, it can happen, just you can do collage work over it after repairing the patch or paint it in a way that it must match the original painting and texture.

How do I fix a canvas that has been stretched too tightly?

  • Using a sprayer bottle, mist very hot water over the whole back surface of your canvas. Do not soak.
  • Using a flat hand, mildly rub the wetness beads into the weave.
  • Dry with heat, at once. You can use a hair dryer, support it up near a hot air vent or wood stove, or set in a ray of light on a hot day.

Can I fix a ripped canvas myself or should I take it to a professional?

Yes, you can fix the ripped canvas by yourself and there is no need to take it to the professional. Just follow the right procedure to patch the torn part. But if the painting is precious one then you must consult with a professional.


In this guide, we have explained the effective ways How to Fix a Ripped Canvas. So, if your canvas print has torn out, you can have a look at the above DIY procedure. You could have your own experience in making the canvas print valuable. 

However, if the canvas print is precious then don't take a risk and go to some professionals. Search on the internet and you can easily find a good service for repairing your canvas. In this regard, Success Hunters Prints has earned a name so you must visit their website to get excellent services and make your canvas art a new one.