How to Frame a Rolled Canvas Print


When you are decorating your home, mounting art makes it more human and meaningful. By putting effort into your artwork, you are bringing the technology back into a room. However, when we do framing of a rolled canvas print, it becomes a great source for the audience. In this guide, we will throw light on the ways How to Frame a Canvas

How to Frame a Canvas Print is an art which contains uniqueness inside it. Framing Canvas Prints is rather a technology which brings attraction for viewers, so you must choose the right services for framing your precious canvas. Customers love to have framed Motivational Wall Art as it stimulates emotions. 

Ways to Frame a Canvas Print

Ready-mounted canvases often lose their glamour with time. They can be damaged while shipping. Therefore, when thinking of “How to Frame Canvas”, while buying rolled canvases you must be careful. However, Canvas Mounting is not the only solution for preserving your canvas print. You must be ready to know How to Frame Canvas Prints to get good results for your canvases. 

Following are the ways How to Frame a Canvas Print. 

Mounting Canvas Art Prints on a Woody Stretcher Mount

How Mount Canvas on Frame is a very easy task and it is important You can buy a ready-assembled wooden stretcher frame or separate wooden stretcher bars, which you can get from any store supply. When you do Mounting Canvas Prints and fastening, it is always important that you must equally distribute the tension across the whole frame. 

Drift Frame for Canvas Artwork

When you do framing you must know How to Frame Canvas Art and how to float frame for canvas artwork. That canvas artwork is attached to the canvas from the backside and it is opposed to the traditional framing. You can also make adjustments for Canvas Print Framing using a picture frame for the required depth. 

Framing Overextended Canvas behind Glass

When Framing a Canvas picture you can also frame a canvas print behind glass, when in a wood or metal picture. It can avoid the metal picture frame to keep it away from dust. So, make sure always that always try Framing a Canvas Print deep enough for the stretcher bar. It is possible to switch the offset clips of your frame and you can also leave the back open. This can make your painting not touch the glass. When presenting Inspirational Wall Art this type of overextended canvas behind the class is perfect. 

Essential Items Needed for a Rolled Canvas Print

There are many different reasons that someone might purchase a rolled print and ignore the one that is overextended onto the frame. So, How to Put Canvas on Frame, needs stretching the canvas before framing it. 

How to Frame a Canvas, needs some essential items for a rolled canvas print.

  • Stretcher bar frame
  • Essential or nail gun
  • Painting pliers (optional)
  • A wood, metal or frame
  • Varnishing (optional)


There are certain instructions that you must follow while mounting a canvas print. 

How to Mount a Canvas Print” leads to seven steps and these are as follows. 

Step 1: Measuring the Height and Width

First, measure the height and width of the frame. Make sure that you must leave enough space to fold to the bar. If needed to cut the canvas as there is an excess making folding bulky then leave at least 2 inches for stretching. 

Step 2: Place Canvas Surface down on Spotless Surface

Place the Frame Canvas Print face down on the cleaned surface. Make sure that the canvas is placed evenly and you must measure the distance between the corners so that they must be the same.  

Step 3: Crease the Canvas

When you start on one of the shorter sides of the canvas, crease one side of the extra-sided canvas over the stretcher bar and then use the canvas grounds to hold it in place. You can also do that with stapling technique. Staple once in the middle of the folded piece of canvas. 

Step 4: Turn Over and Reprise

Always turn the canvas to the opposite side and always do repetitions of folding and stapling steps until all the sides are done. 

Step 5: Tweak the Canvas

Once each side of the frame contains a single staple, exert pressure slightly but not too much. Your canvas won’t be able to shrink or expand otherwise. It adds staple on either side when spaced evenly. 

Step 6: Folding the Corners

By folding the corners one side under the other, make sure that you are pulling them tightly. Cut the tip of the corner before creasing it down and then staple it to the frame. 

Step 7: Get the Placement in the Final Frame

Once the canvas is stretched, you can place it inside its final frame. 


What is the best way to frame a canvas painting?


  1. Measure your canvas painting's measurements and write them down.

Cut the frame out of 1x2 and use the canvas measurements at a 45 degree miter by cutting each corner.

  1. Gum and fix your frame together without the canvas print inside.
  2. Dye and stamp your frame.

Can you put canvas in a frame?

Depending on your unique material and individual taste, there are a few ways for getting your work prepared for demonstration. One thing you need to know is that you can unconditionally frame a canvas painting

Do you need a special frame for a canvas painting?

Yes, you'll need a specific canvas frame to hold your artwork.  

How do you attach a canvas to a regular frame?

You lock them in place by screwing them into the back of the frame. Offset clips are accessible in three different depths or offsets: 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2". One clip per side is frequently enough to hold the overextended canvas.

How do you frame an unframed canvas?

Steps to Follow

  1. Measure and Sketch. Degree the sides of your canvas with a measuring tape.
  2. Cut and accumulate. Using the dimensions of your tinted surface and boundary area, begin to cut down your lumber pieces.
  3. Now, you're ready to do that.
  4. Staple and Mount.

Should canvas painting be framed with glass?

If the painting in question is an oil or acrylic that has been made on canvas, panel or sheet, there is no need to frame it with glass.


We have concluded that it needs some required steps to mount a canvas print. When we are doing framing on a rolled canvas print we must consider the ways How to Frame a Canvas. There are certain steps to follow while framing the canvas print and there are also essential items needed for framing. With these instructions, you can have an awesome canvas print for your premises. In this regard, Success Hunters Prints are the best for rendering framing services.