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How to Pick Wall Art that’s the Right Size for Your Space? Canvas Wall Art Size Guide

When it comes to wall art, it’s the size that always is essential. A canvas print is an important part that could décor your room fully. Yet if the size is not right, it can create a problem. You must know How Big Should Wall Art Be and must plan for the perfect wall art for your walls. 

So, for getting the right size of wall art you must read Canvas Wall Art Size Guide. However, the main point is that wall art must be eye-catching and appealing to others. 

Wall Art Sizing Guide - How Large Should Art be On a Wall?

In this guide, we will discuss How Big Should Art Be on a Wall. It is not an easy task. The wall art is placed on the wall with certain measurements. Picture Sizes on Wall depend on certain factors. 

Following are some of the points to discuss that are essential for great wall art. 

Examine the Room

You must examine your room before you purchase a beautiful canvas. You have to judge how it will look in your space and which Art work Size for Wall is the best. This is your chance and you can decide What Size Picture for Wall is the superlative one to choose. You can find your favorite picture on the wall like Office Motivational Wall Art or Inspirational Quotes on Canvas which is in your mind. 

Universal Sizing Rules  

Whether you want to decorate your room or a huge wall, you must follow certain rules. The Canvas Wall Art Size Guide describes well regarding the size of the Canvas Sizes on Wall.

Let’s start with some simple rules:

  • Great wall art should be 60%-70% of the available sizes. You must start measuring the width and height of the wall by simply multiplying them by both 0.60 and 0.75. This gives you a range of Wall Art Sizes that would suit you best.
  • When you are designing wall art over furniture such as a bed, a fireplace, or a couch, you must know that What Size Painting for Wall is accurate. Normally it must be 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furniture. A similar calculation can be done here for measuring inspirational Painting Sizes for Walls

Go Vast or Go Home

As you saw in the sizing rule, that wall art should cover a large portion of an empty wall. You must not be wondering What Size Art for Wall is the accurate one for the wall. Just go big and think vast!

Set the Canvas at a Suitable Height  

The height matters a lot when your canvas is going to be hung on the wall. Art Size for Wall is essential in this regard. For most décor, you should follow the rule of thumb of aiming the canvas at eye level. 


What is the best way to frame a canvas painting?


  1. Measure your canvas painting’s angles and write them down. 
  2. Amend your frame out of the 1x2 using the canvas measurements and a 45-degree miter scratch in each corner.
  3. Stick and nail your frame together with no print inside. 
  4. Dye and cover your frame

Can you put the canvas in a frame?

Yes, you can have the canvas which is stretched, and then you can put it into a canvas floater frame.

Do you need a special frame for a canvas painting?

You need an open-backed frame for holding your artwork. 

How do you attach a canvas to a regular frame?

  1. Measure your canvas painting’s angles and then note them down.
  2. Scratch your frame out of 1x2 using the perfect canvas angles and a 45-degree miter cut in each corner. 
  3. Paste and nail your frame strongly without the canvas print. 

How do you frame an unframed canvas?

Steps to Follow

  1. Measure and outline the canvas. Measure adjacent sides of your canvas with tape. 
  2. Put a scratch and then assemble. By using the measurement of your painted surface and boundary area, begin to cut down the wood pieces. 
  3. Expand, then staple and frame it. 

Should canvas painting be framed with glass?

Frankly, acrylic and oil paintings on canvas do not need framing after the glass. Especially for oil paintings, glass within the frame always hinders the artwork.


Always remember to consider what the source of your image is. If you are printing a personalized canvas print. At all the sizes range from small to extra-large and also custom sizes are available. These sizes also automatically are adjusted. A great Wall Size Canvas is always the best option to select. 

Canvas Wall Art Size Guide is a way to get an idea that how we can beautifully hang a perfect canvas print on our walls. This is also an art that how you décor your home in an impressive way.