Rolled Canvas Prints: A Unique and Affordable Wall Decor Option

What is Rolled Canvas Print?

It is a question that leads to very reasonable explanations. Rolled Canvas Print is a unique and affordable way to take advantage of large formats and get some different sizes for your artwork. It is a flexible artwork that can be taken anywhere and it adds benefits for the sake of easy mobility. So, you must find any company that can provide you with the best Rolled Canvas Prints. 

What is Rolled Canvas?

Rolled Canvas Print refers to prints that are sold without a wooden frame or any other mounting hardware. They are referred to as rolled canvas print as it is the most common way to transport affixed prints. So, this category is used as a separate sheet of canvas that is being sold. 

The printing techniques and tools which are being used are the same but the main difference is whether it is sold to the public having the internal frame or not. 

Benefits of Rolled Canvas

There are three main benefits of Rolled Canvas Print

Having More Styles

Those customers who want to display their artwork or photographs select this Rolled Canvas Printing option. 


Rolled Canvas Print is easy to transport and it is portable. So, those who want their artwork taken from one place to another can take advantage of that. 

Economical and Affordable

Some of the canvas print suppliers charge an ample markup on frames but if you are using rolled canvases you can save money and you can also get other accessories separately with them. 

How Framed Canvas Prints Differ from Rolled Canvas Prints

Structural Difference

The main difference between these two canvases are that framed canvases have wrapped or stretched internal frame. This is normally made from lightweight wood. So, there is no need for any extra framing while displaying them. 

In contrast, the Rolled Canvas Prints are not ready for stretched prints. They need to stretch and get the framing so, the customer has to mount them on a frame before displaying them. 

Esthetic Difference 

The framed wrapped canvas is a three-dimensional object that keeps the personality and depth inside it. The colour and detail of the printed image work in a cohesive and dynamic sense. 

In opposition, if a rolled canvas print is displayed without the frame, it is only working in only 2 dimensions, so all the impact is only needed to come from the printed image alone. 

Edges of the Print

In a framed wrapped canvas print, the sheet is folded around the frame, so in this way, it has been printed right up to the edges and it means that the borders of the image appear on both sides. It creates a striking effect with ample artistic possibilities. 

In contrast, a Rolled Canvas Painting has no more edges and there is no option to print surfaces creatively. 

Edge of Rolled Canvas Over Stretched Canvas

Despite all the advantages of the stretched canvas, the rolled canvas has still a very powerful edge over rolled canvas print as it is easy to transport and also a cheap medium and it requires less packaging. The prints maker prints the rolled canvas portion and then rolls the material for the use of framework bars. The customers can adjust it by their choice. 


What is a rolled canvas print?

Rolled canvas print is an artwork on a canvas without being stretched or framed.

How is a rolled canvas print different from a stretched canvas print?

Both canvases are stretched but the framed canvas print uses thicker stretcher bars and are wrapped properly. Stretched uses the thinner stretcher bars with the staples that are visible around the corners.

How are rolled canvas prints delivered?

  • Cover your whole canvas with packing paper, tape it so that no part of the canvas is opened.
  • Roll the whole canvas in a couple layers of wrap and tape it so that it stays in place.
  • If you have any more space, tape on another layer of sheets for additional security.

Advantages of a Rolled Canvas Print Over a Stretched Canvas Print

Rolled canvas is an extended canvas print, meaning print makers print the artwork onto a canvas portion and roll the material instead of using framework bars. Rolled canvas prints are often easier and more cheap to transport because they require less packaging.

How do I frame or stretch a rolled canvas print?

  1. Measure the height and width of the canvas.
  2. Place canvas facing it down on clean and plain surface.
  3. Wrap the canvas print.
  4. Turn it over and repeat the process.
  5. Pull the canvas print.
  6. Fold the edges.
  7. Adjust in Final Frame.

Can I order a custom size for my rolled canvas print?

Yes, you can choose among popular custom sizes available.


If you see closely then you can choose rolled canvas print and you can get an answer to your question that “ What is Rolled Canvas Print?” Rolled canvas prints have fewer advantages but they have a very powerful edge over the stretched canvas and that is durability, affordability and easy transport. So in this way, it has always an edge over stretched canvas print. 

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You can get rolled canvas prints according to your needs. With our canvas material, you can decorate your home, office space, exhibition, and trade shows and can have Motivational Quotes Posters as well as Inspirational Canvas. So, there are so many other uses for rolled canvas prints, so you must get started in your way.