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September 18, 2021

7 Rules Of Life

You’ll agree with me when I say: Life can be challenging!

There are so many struggles and challenges that you may have to go through. The majority of them are mainly because you exist.

Your existence in this universe is an automatic ticket to experiencing highs and lows. Now while everyone, including you, will love to experience the thrills without the lows. It isn’t possible, is it?

You would have to deal with a lot of things you wish you didn’t have to. It is these challenges that make you strong and mold you into fulfilling your dreams.

But then, like every other aspect, some specific hacks or rules help you live each day. 

The rules of life. 

These rules ensure that while you go through challenges, you get to have little moments of happiness. 

Well, let’s dive right in! 



The first rule in life is to smile. Every challenge you go through will always work out in the end. So why not go through them smiling? 

I understand that it may not be an easy feat to smile through your pain. But you should always bear in mind that everything is going to work out In your favor. 

So smile. Never let anything bring you down. You’ve got the talent, ability, and strength to do exploits. So smile.


Be Kind

Kindness is such an essential virtue that you must possess. In your hands is the power to make people feel good. So ensure that you use it.

There might arise some situations where it may be difficult for you to show kindness. It is in those situations that you should even show more kindness. Ensure that you “kill them with kindness.” 

When you are kind to people, it is easy to find yourself in a peaceful and healthy mind. A calm and healthy mind is something every individual yearns for. Well, here’s your free access to it.


Don’t Give Up

Giving up is never an option. If one way doesn’t work, find another way. 

Anytime you find yourself giving up, remember how far you’ve come. Remember what you plan to achieve and how well your achievements will benefit you. 

Life is a process, and every process gets exhausting sometimes. In those moments, you’re unable to find the zeal to continue. It would help if you remembered that getting tired is part of the process; failure is also part of it. But on your journey to success, giving up is not part of the process. 


Don’t Compare

Social media has given a lot of people easy access to information which they use wrongly. You find a lot of people carrying out the social comparison.

Not only is comparing yourself to someone else unhealthy. It is unnecessary because you’re running your race. It’s not your fight; it is their high. So there’s no need for comparison. 

Anytime you realize that you’re comparing yourself to others, please remember: 

“I do not have the same experience as them. I haven’t gone through their struggles. I am fighting to become a better person not to become better than them.”


Avoid Negativity

Negative energy drains your life source. Every single time you give way to negativity, it starts eating away your soul. 

Avoid negative energy situations and people. You do not need more challenges than you already have. And trust me, negativity is one challenge you don’t want to be dealing with. 

Ensure that you’re surrounded by love and positive energy. If you find yourself being sucked in by any form of negativity, flee.

Your peace of mind is a priority!


Make Peace With Your Past

Do not let the shackles of the past hold you from moving forward. Let it go and try to give yourself a better future. 

You deserve so much more; there’s so much to enjoy in the present. Focus on enjoying the little pleasures in the present. Ignore whatever mistakes you’ve made in the past.

The annoying thing about being stuck in the past is that you think about situations you cannot change. Then you end up making more mistakes in the present. It would all keep piling up like that until your life is just filled with regrets. 

Focus on building yourself and your tomorrow.


Take Care Of Your Body & Mind

Your body is as pivotal as your mind. This is why you need to take care of both actively. 

Find time to relax, exercise, and eat good food. If you find out there’s something wrong with your body, pay attention to it immediately. Your body is vital. 

Feed your mind with positive thoughts and positive energy. The mind is such a powerful absorber, so be careful what you feed it. 

If you find yourself in a circumstances where you might need to see a therapist or talk to someone. Don’t hesitate to do so. It’s essential to take care of yourself. 

Final Thoughts

People tend to forget that they’re essential. They spend so much time showing others how much they care, showering them with love and gifts. But then they forget themselves in the midst of it all. 

Don’t forget yourself. There are more rules to surviving in life, but these seven rules point you in the right direction. 

Remember, you’re important and you should surround yourself with positive energy. 

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