The Difference Between Canvas and Poster: Canvas vs. Poster

The initial difference between Canvas Vs Poster is obvious. A canvas print is a durable piece that is composed of a hard frame with the canvas fabric stretched across it. On the other hand, the poster is a simple piece of paper that is having a thin format best suited for a lighter subject.

So, instead of canvas print, we can have two separate entities. A poster is designed lightly and easy to produce. They are quickly applied to all kinds of surfaces and are entirely different from canvas prints.

Historic Significance of Photographic Print vs Poster

Canvas Print Vs Poster share pretty much the same history. They both were made possible by the invention of lithography. At the very start, they were introduced as wooden panels. They have been replaced by the medium entirely by the end of the 17th century. When this Motivational Wall Art has been spread to Europe it became the preferred option.

This artwork eventually has become the most preferred option in several mediums. Today, this has become the most professional artwork. The original purpose of the posters is to provide motivational and inspirational information that would drive a person to do motivational workouts. The major difference between Canvas Posters and only posters is that the posters contain all the motivational information and the canvas prints are used only as art pieces.

What is a Poster Canvas?

Poster print is a cheap and easy way to produce Inspirational Wall Decor. Posters might cost high but they leave a long-lasting impact on the viewers. So, if you are planning to go for the temporary statement piece then you can replace them after a season. Poster prints were used for advertising and for public announcements. Today, you will find poster prints everywhere. They would create printing images on paper.

If you want to prolong the life of the glass, you can protect that by framing it and adding the most beautiful decorative accent to your space. You can also select a plastic frame for more space. Finally, black and white art looks get better on posters than they look at canvas prints.

What is a Canvas Poster?

Canvas Poster Meaning can be described as it is a fabric that is commonly stretched over a wooden frame. It is a surface to print or paint on. They come in white color normally.

A canvas print is a reproduction that closely matches the original work. It has also high-end quality. It is a more durable and sturdy material that is opposed to paper. It uses expensive inks that make colors UV-resistant.

Once the canvas print has been completed, it is coated with a water-resistant sealer to keep it protected. Once they are coated with a sealer, the color is protected from dust, dirt, and scratches. On the other hand, Canvas Prints are designed in a way that their color of them lasts for years. They are durable and do not fade or lose their quality.

Pros and Cons of Canvas Prints and Posters Prints

If you are looking for the difference between Canvas prints and Poster prints, we have introduced some of the pros and cons to help you make the decision. It is not very hard to differentiate between Canvas Vs Poster. So, in the following, there are differences between them.

Pros and Cons of Canvas Prints


Printing on the digital image on canvas contains greater flexibility and durability. It is thicker and it is less prone to tears than paper prints. Canvas maintains its shape over time and resists wraps and wrinkles. Canvas Prints also is organic, and tactile and appeal the most. It gives a warmth immediately. The fabric also has most works with a matte finish. It can protect the originality and the richness of the colors.


  • Canvas prints cost much higher than posters.
  • They are already wrapped in a wooden frame so there are very less framing options.

Pros and Cons of Poster Prints


When printing images on paper, it often comes with smaller tag options. You do have many options for framing. Moreover, framing can erase any cost savings over canvas printing. Most printers have speed on paper to verify quality results.


  • Posters prints can easily crease and canvas cannot.
  • In case of humid weather, it can come with wrinkling and wrapping which can happen.
  • The thinner surface is not able to absorb much ink.


What is the difference between a poster and a canvas?

When you use canvas prints your photo is printed on canvas fabric and in the case of posters your photo is printed on paper. A canvas print is a sturdy and durable wooden stretcher frame but a poster is a single layer of paper.

What’s better a poster or a canvas?

The canvas prints will have a thicker and smooth texture with glossy paper. It has high-end quality and is durable. On the other hand, a poster is not so much durable and it can get wrinkles on its texture soon.

Is it better to print on paper or on canvas?

Yes, it is better to print on canvas rather than on paper. As canvas is more durable and lasts long. Its fabric has greater flexibility and is thick. It maintains its shape and can resist wrinkles.

Can a poster be made into a canvas?

Yes, a poster can be transferred to canvas. It is a sophisticated technique and results in stunning artwork that can leave a rich look like an original oil painting.  

Is a canvas print a painting?

A canvas print must not be confused with canvas printing. This image is printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas. As a result, the canvas gets stretched onto the frame.

How do you transfer a poster to canvas?

A poster or print is coated with a special UV film that can lift the image from the paper and let it seal on the canvas by using a vacuum heat press. The canvas is then formed into a non-glass UV-resistant coating. It is stretched over a wooden frame with a black canvas tape edge.


In conclusion, while evaluating Canvas Vs Posters, posters still cost less than canvas prints but the quality of canvas prints is better than posters. When you would compare Art prints Vs Poster you can get the idea that Canvas Prints are stretched-out frames that are sturdier and there is no wear and tear of them. However, if we talk about posters they are not as sturdy as they are only on paper and normally framed. Their frames can last only a few years and not for so long. Canvas Prints on the other hand are superior in quality and easy to hang.

Posters, on the other hand, are normally not framed so they last a few years. It is also not pretty much sure how durable they are. Canvas Prints as compared to posters are more sturdy and long-lasting. In this regard, Success Hunters Motivational Canvas has earned a name in canvas and poster prints and they have a variety of artwork.