The Importance of High Resolution in Canvas Prints

We are often asked that an image is best enough for printing amazing artworks. But how can you check that canvas print has the high resolution and it is suitable for you. The image size depends on the size of the canvas you are going to print. The Resolution Needed for Canvas Prints has some requirements which are defined with the quality of the image. 

The resolution of the image is also very essential. Canvas Print dpi depends on the size of the image which has been selected.

An image with 100 dpi will be suitable for smaller canvas printing but the more defined the quality of the image, the more you would get Best Resolution for Canvas Prints. So, if you are able to provide best resolution for canvas print that is great and it will be appreciable. The quality of image depends on  “What Size Photo for Canvas Print” is right for getting the best resolution.

Getting High Resolution of Canvas Prints

To understand and to get the high Canvas Resolution you must follow the following resolution for canvas prints.

Setting the Light

For getting the best Resolution for Canvas Prints light is the foundation. Without photography of light you are not able to read the light and set your camera accordingly. It is very important to get the best exposure. You need to understand that how the direction of light will help in affecting the final result. The more you would understand the chemistry of light, the better you will get the Image Resolution for Canvas Print.

Understand the Prospect Triangle

The exposure triangle is the mixture of aperture, shutter speed and ISO that can give you the exposure. When you would change one setting, it affects the others. So understanding the exposure factors is essential as they are very basic for photography. ISO is related to how sensitive your camera is to the incoming light. If ISO is lower, the light would be with higher exposure. A lower ISO also deals with less grain or noise. The best Canvas Print Resolution also depends on how to get the exposure triangle in an effective way of the photo.

For getting Best Photo Resolution for Canvas Prints shutter speed is very important. It refers to how long the shutter in your camera remains open. Aperture controls the quantity of light which is allowed into the camera. We measure aperture in f-stops. If we get into it, we can see that large aperture represents the small f-stop number.

Watch Your Bar Chart

The histogram is another important instrument. A lot of latest photographers tend to skip over it, mostly because they are confused. But bar chart is critical in checking the High Resolution Images for Canvas Printing to give you proper exposure.

A histogram represents a mathematical representation of the numbers between the darkest part and the lightest one. It is followed by the brightness on a grayscale. You can also get all the shades of gray in between.

If you have a pitch-black and glum image, most of the tones of colors will be on the left side of the image. For getting the outclass Canvas Print Dimensions, most of the brightness values will fall on the right. If they touch the end of the histogram, the image will be overexposed.

Settle Your Colors

To get high Canvas Print Resolution you need to manage your colors. Color accuracy would also differ from device to device. It does not matter if you are having a smartphone, tablet or monitor but just you have to make sure that color is accurate on your end.

Regular monitor color permits you to be sure that the required colors of a specific file are being shown. You know that you are not watching colors and may be your monitor Canvas Print Resolution setting has been adjusted. When using a good quality monitor, helps significantly and essential aspects of color management are shown there. You must watch some Motivational Wall Art for this purpose.

Alter with a Light Hand

With the Best Resolution for 24x36 Canvas Print you can approach to post-procedure and it can make a big difference. All of the raw digital files need to be processed. They come out of the camera looking a bit plain and lacking in contrast. You can get comfortable with the light room, so you must keep your editing and retouching to the minimum. This will result in the most real look and that is close to nature. If you want some artwork related to nature you must visit Inspirational Quotes Posters in this regard.

After that you can go with more in-depth with the certain toning and color grading techniques according to your requirement.


What is the best resolution for a canvas print?

Choice a photo with a resolution of at the most 13.2 megapixels, i.e. an image size of at least 3,100×4,480 pixels. For a small canvas format you will need an representation with a significantly lower resolution.

How does resolution affect the quality of a canvas print?

The higher the resolution, the more picture elements per inch. Some other points to keep in mind: Representation resolution has everything to do with printing your image, not how your images or photos looks on your computer projection screen. Higher declaration images generally produce better printed images.

What resolution should I use for a large canvas print?

When creating a large formatting image, we generally propose designers work with at least 300 dpi.

Can a low resolution image be printed on a canvas?

When you print a low declaration photo, the smaller the print size, the sharper it will look.

How do I check the resolution of an image before printing it on a canvas?

  • Write “Display Settings” in the search bar from the start menu in the lower left corner of your projection screen.
  • Click to open.
  • Go down to the Scale and layout section and watch for the resolution drop-down box.
  • Take note of the resolution listed.


It is seen that to get the Best Resolution for Canvas Prints, you must follow the above factors that are mentioned. One of it is the Size of the Canvas also. However, there are many companies which are available online and they are providing services for getting high resolution for the canvas artwork. You must consult with them and get the best services ever. Have a look to Success Hunters Canvas Posters as they have the awesome dedicated team which would surely give you the best resolution of your images.